He was like a ray of light breaking up even the darkest shadows in her soul. She nuzzled closer into his chest and took a deep breath. His cologne smelled like home. She hoped it would be like this forever. she looked up and his soft gaze greeted her. He gently tilted her head and met her all ready slightly parted lips. In that moment everything was still except for the steady drumming of two hearts intertwined as one.


How she longed for the gentle carress of twilight and for the stubborn moon to sweep her off her feet


Time is a construct of man i refuse to abide, I instead follow the wind the sand and the tide. Sauntering through life on but a memory, whisked between moments ecstatic levity.


Even the sharpest of memories soften with age. You forget the sting of a threat and replace it with the happy smirk he gets when he’s being sweet. You reminisce about cuddles and love and the fighting slips your mind. There’s good and bad but what you mustn’t forget is that you left for a reason. There was heartbreak and tears. You don’t go back to what was broken. You move forward and find better for yourself because you are worth it. Memories soften but you must not.

White mocha hazelnut

The coffee shop hummed giving the air a sort of viscosity that was instantly slashed when the door slammed shut behind her. The bell clanging her arrival to the entire room. Her presence glowed in the dim light cutting through the hipsters smoke within. She hated making a scene and quickly glided towards the counter ordering her usual. The white mocha hazelnut overwhelmed her taste buds reminding her of simpler times when she could be unnoticed and content. She wished she could drag these few serene moments out into eternity. She hated being anxious over trivial matters. Walking into a room shouldn’t feel like being on a stage where she was sure to be booed. But alas, what was a girl to do? She nestled in to a booth and gazed into her cup.

The beginning of the end.

As I peek through the crack in the splintered boards I hastily threw up on my windows I can’t help but wish I was dreaming. I watch as embers rain down lighting up the ashen sky. Nothing would ever be the same again.

The morning was just like every other. I grumbled at my alarm and begrudging threw on my work clothes. I  deftly flicked my eyeliner and plodded out to my van. The monstrosity roared to life and after berating my self for being late yet again, I set out. I drove a wee bit faster then I should have but strange enough there wasn’t a cop in sight. That should have been my first warning.

I finally skidded  into the parking lot and raced inside. Because of my reckless speed I was right on-time. I signed into my register and got to work. Rumors of a sickness in town had spread and people had started to flee. Everyone was coming in to stock up on supplies and fill their vehicles before leaving town. Our merchandise was quickly dwindling and people were starting to panic.

I felt the tension break a split second before the riot broke out and reached for the phone. It was no use. All over town there was chaos. The city was burning.

Morning Mishaps

A streak of orange was painted against the cool blue sky as my door clunked shut behind me. I wanted to capture this moment but I was all ready miserably late. I scurried to my monstrosity of a ride. It gurgled to life and I went to work smearing the icy masterpiece the night had left. As I hurdled down the road I glanced at the gas gauge. “Shit.” The indicator shyly brushed against the crimson line. “Just let me make it to work,and I’ll feed you” I pleaded.